All you need to know about dental floss

Dental floss is used to take even better care of oral hygiene and teeth cleanliness. It is a special product designed to effectively and beneficially for dental health take care of even the most inaccessible places which cannot be reached by a toothbrush. Dental floss is most often made of nylon, but also Teflon or […]
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How do I take good care of my oral hygiene?

Proper oral hygiene is very important if you want your teeth to be in excellent condition. Do you know how to properly take care of your teeth? How often should you brush them, and is brushing alone sufficient? Today we will try to bring this subject a little closer to you. Brushing teeth in practice, […]
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Dr. Simon Becker - is the originator and founder of SmileOn Dental Studio. He was born in the Soviet Union and grew up in Israel. After his military service in the Armoured Corps of the Israel Defense Forces he came to Poland. It was here that he began his studies at the Pomeranian Medical University earning his dental diploma in 2017. Since then he has been constantly improving his qualifications and taking part in numerous trainings, as work is his passion. On a daily basis, he mainly deals with treatments within conservative dentistry and endodontics, but he has a special interest in biomimetic dentistry, a field of dentistry in which the treatment and restoration of teeth involves restoring their natural structure, function and aesthetics.
Dr. Simon Becker is a very friendly and warm person who easily establishes a bond with his patients. This makes a visit to the dentist stress-free. Another advantage of the doctor is his language skills - he is fluent not only in Polish, but also in English, Russian and Hebrew.
Privately Dr Simon Becker loves spending time with his loved ones at home or travelling around the world seeing new places.

Dr Alana Tuliszka - graduated from Pomeranian Medical University. She graduated from dentistry in 2013 and since then she has been continuously caring for her professional development by participating in numerous congresses and trainings. Doctor has a special interest in orthodontics. She is a member of the Polish Orthodontic Society and the European Orthodontic Society. She completed a 3-year training signed by the University of London. This advanced clinical program "Master in Orthodontics - Mini Residency" allows for efficient and effective correction of orthodontic defects in patients.
Dr. Alana Tuliszka is in the process of enhancing her professional skills in aesthetic medicine to be able to take steps to enhance patients' self-esteem by highlighting their natural beauty.


Conservative dentistry

in which we carry out preventive measures and treatment of all kinds of cavities, trying to save as much natural tooth tissue as possible.

Root canal treatment

we perform primary and secondary endodontic treatment of teeth

Cosmetic dentistry

we perform procedures to improve the appearance of teeth and restore a beautiful smile, such as bonding or composite veneers

Pediatric dentistry

called pedodontics, where we treat the youngest patients


dental surgery procedures such as simple and surgical extractions are performed under local anesthesia


a branch of dentistry dealing with diagnosing and treating malocclusion and correcting teeth misalignment


a branch of dentistry that provides removable prosthetic devices, such as dentures, and fixed prosthetic devices, such as porcelain crowns

Teeth whitening

we perform treatments using cabinet, overlay and combo methods


in which we perform scaling, which involves the removal of stone, and sandblasting, polishing, fluoridation

X-ray diagnostics

We have a camera allowing us to take point pictures (of individual teeth) - this is a significant facilitation for patients, allowing us to make an accurate diagnosis and undertake treatment already during the first visit.

Aesthetic medicine

in which we perform needle mesotherapy treatments, botox and treatments using hyaluronic acid



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